Friday, October 20, 2006

Big day tomorrow...........

........the second annual Vale Knitters Knit-In at the village hall. Wonderful - a whole day of knitting,t alking about knitting and drinking tea!!! Sponge cakes in the oven as I type. Have a selection of knitted items to show, and some stuff for the bring & buy table. This year the proceeds are going to the Magdalen Project -

Looking forward to it. Will report back over the weekend, hopefully with some pics too.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Scottish Knitters Blogring

Just found out about this, and have to mention my Scottish connections here for membership approval!!

All my maternal ancestors are Scottish; although I was born in London, I lived in Scotland from the age of 7. Mother and maternal grandparents were Scottish. I consider myself Scottish as that is where my heart lies.

How'd I do? ;0:)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pumpkin hat

Based on a pattern by Barbara Breiter, I added a leaf and tendril. Love this, for a wee baby............not having a wee baby (and not sure it would suit the goats:) I am about to knit one for myself too. MC was from one of the knitting group, unwanted, and the stem and leaf were from the stash.

Alan Dart gnome finished.........

At last! He's been knitted for a while, and I made him up today. He's a happy looking little chap, quite pleased with him. A group in rainbow colours would be nice................:)

KNitting blogs............

I spent 3 hours almost late last night perusing a large number of knitting blogs - there are some serious knitters out there!! Mostly quite inspiring, so must get my knitting skates on. Time definitely not wasted, I can knit at the computer!

The Perfect Sweater?

Some kind soul on my Forum pointed me in the direction of this "perfect sweater" from Mason Dixon. ON paper, it looks a really good pattern, so thought I'd give it a go if I can find some suitable wool. I like the fact it has shaping at the waist, and the design with the moss stitch neck is lovely. Hope it is as good as it looks, would be a useful pattern to adapt for stripes, etc. Time and knitting will tell.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Still knitting...........

Ashamed to say I mislaid the rechargeables for the camera, so am well behind with my knitting photos, so sorry for that. I've lots of bits and bobs done, some for National Knitting Week event with the Vale Knitters on Saturday. All will get up to date this week, and more pictures psoted up here. Presnetly doing tiny teeny clothes for premature babies and some dishcloths for an auction on a Forum, nice easy stuff, but after Saturday, will need to find something to really get my teeth into. I think I might do my own thing with the rather lvoely tobacco coloured Shetland from the stash................

Thursday, August 17, 2006 mitts

Found this pattern over at, called "fetching". Knitted up in a very nice wool, feels so soft like velvet. These are for me :)

Now knitting another pair for a present for someone. Recommended pattern.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stash busting............... what I've been doing this morning; halfway through now. Got it all out, need to put it back again! Found some very nice wools I'd forgotten about, lots of ideas for projects and things, and sorted some cones out for the boot sale, which I will never use so they can go. Feeling very virtuous and excited about all the knitting I can get on with without spending any more money :) I found alpaca/wool, silk/wool, lots of random dyed and odds of sock wools, most of a crochet blanket I can now finish with all the bits and bobs of DK I found (very thrifty), grogeous pure wool aran, some of the organic Kerry wool I bought last year and thought I had finished - loads of stuff! Very happy............

Monday, August 14, 2006

What next?

I knitted up the fingerless cable mitts from knitty, please with them. Will take a pic when I get new batteries in the camera later. Have started a plain garter stitch blanket for those in-between-knitting-moments - doing 6 ft strips, but in blocks, so it looks like patches. Started a crochet one too, so hopefully will be cosy for the winter; not that it ever really gets that cold down here.....
I got a knitted up but not quite finished cardigan on LETS on Saturday, so will pull that back and re-knit it into a cross-over top for me; there's quite a nice pattern in one of my knitting magazines. Somewhere.......... The woll is a drak raspberry colour, quite pretty. Need to start thinkng about Christmas knitting of various types soon as well.